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posted almost 4 years ago

Job Description

Did your dream as a child include mastering the intricate and beautiful art of sign spinning? Do you have an affinity for oblong cardboard signage? Flailing your arms about in the air? Do you enjoy dancing around in order to attract potential clients and/or customers? Do you like cash? Being outdoors no matter what; rain, snow, sleet, hail, sun? And last but not least, the desire to perfect that beautiful sign twirling dance that you know you've been practicing since you were a child before you went to bed at night?

If so, becoming a Liberty Tax Waver is the job for you! Apply today!!

Character Traits and Skills

  • dependable
  • enthusiastic
  • personable


  • waves at traffic outside office to draw attention to the location
  • goes business to business handing out coupons and giveaways